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Limousine & Livery Use of the Lincoln MKT

The Lincoln Town Car has long been a standard in luxury and a staple for livery use in many countries around the world. So when Ford decided in 2011 that it was discontinuing its production, it was considered by many to be an end of an era.

Enter the Lincoln MKT, the heir of the of the Lincoln lineage that is specifically designed for the livery and limousine markets. The MKT was to continue the tradition of the Ford Brand in the limousine and livery industry. And it was to do it in the same style, finesse, and luxury that its predecessor had done for many years.


Comfort For Livery Clients

Limousine and livery company owners were drawn to the Lincoln MKT because it delivered many of the qualities that the Town Car had done for decades.

Most important of these qualities is the comfort that it provides customers while they are on their way to the airport, a night on the town or the wedding ceremony! The MKT has best in class second-row leg room and is unmatched in this category by any of its competitors. The third row is removed altogether, and an additional 1.5 inches is added to the second-row leg room. With extra leg room customers who are traveling in the MKT Town car can sit back, relax and stretch their legs. Furthermore, adjusting the passenger seat can gain further leg room for the customers who are seated in the back seat.

The livery MKT also has a USB port and an 110-volt outlet for client convenience. It will allow an executive to recharge his or her cell phone while on their way to the airport.

The MKT Limo

To provide even more space and comfort, MKT offers a second variant for the stretch limousine market. The Stretch MKT is built on a heavy duty chassis which can allow for more than ten feet of extra wheelbase. That is an astounding ten feet to make the MKT limousine one of the roomiest in its class. Customers can book this limo for large groups of up to 10 passengers. A ride in one of these limos is sure to be a party by itself. The MKT stretch features a minibar, a surround sound audio system, and spacious seating.


More Efficient Than the Town Car

One of the other advantages that the MKT brought to the table as compared to its predecessor is the engine efficiency. With a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the car is capable of producing 230 horsepower while achieving better mileage that the Town car. Overall, the MKT delivers 20mpg in city driving and 28mpg on the highway. As many chauffeurs and livery operators know, the car can end up spending a lot of time idling in airport parking lots, so having that extra efficiency factor is a boost for the vehicle’s use as a limo and a taxi.

The Lincoln MKT had a very specific goal, and that was to fill the gap left by the Town Car in the livery market. It has achieved that goal impeccably.