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Things to Do and Places to see in Newmarket Ontario

The city of Newmarket is located in York Region in Ontario. It is about an hour north of Toronto and the GTA and is located in the Golden Horseshoe of southern Ontario. It is known for its great shopping, authentic restaurants, and excellent hotels.


The most popular destination for shopping in the city is Upper Canada Mall. This mall features a very good list of shops and restaurants. It also boasts a vast number of designer stores, a large food court and some coffee places such as Starbucks. Overall, Upper Canada Mall is the place to be when it comes to shopping and have a fun time in Newmarket.


For those visitors who wish to spend the night, there are plenty of accommodations and excellent hotels in the city. They include the following:
Best Western Voyageur Place Hotel Address: 7565 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 5H6 Phone:(905) 895-2131
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Newmarket Address: 100 Pony Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B6 Phone: (905) 853-1030
Comfort Inn Newmarket Address: 1230 Journey’s End Cir, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8Z6
Phone:(905) 895-3355
Newmarket Inn Address: 18667 Yonge St, Holland Landing, ON L9N 0J2
Phone:(905) 895-4585

As you can see, there is no shortage of excellent hotels and accommodations in Newmarket. But what about fun things to do in the city. As mentioned, upper Canada mall is the place to be and is an excellent way to get a little bit of shopping done when you wake up in the morning and want to have some fun before getting back to the hotel and enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones.

Natural Places

The main river in Newmarket is the East Holland River. It is often referred to as the Holland River. And it is a great place to spend an afternoon by the river side. You can get a license to do some fishing or even get your feet wet by taking a small swim in the cold and refreshing water.

east holland river

Newmarket is a fast growing city, and the town’s population has been increasing in recent years due to its proximity to the GTA area. Many people have been moving to newly built subdivisions in the area, especially around Bathurst Street and Yonge Street. You ought to check out our limousine service in Newmarket because it can help you enjoy your visit.

The city also has some great beaches. For example, Cedar Beach Park is a great place to spend a day during the hot summer months. It is a beautiful beach with white sand and beautiful water.

davis drive newmarket

Newmarket is also known for having a great hospital. The main hospital in the area is Southlake Regional Health Centre. It is located at 596 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2P9 and it is considered a teaching hospital. Recently, with the construction project on Davis Drive, the area around the hospital was very busy. However, as the project is now near completion, it is becoming more comfortable and easier to get to it. Furthermore, it is serving the residents of Newmarket for many years and has an excellent team of professionals who care about the people of their city.

The weather in Newmarket is very similar to the surrounding towns. However, since it is a little to the north, then the temperatures tend to be a little bit colder. Overall, it is a great place to go for a weekend and to visit and enjoy all its scenery and locations.