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Types and Capacity of the Different Limousines

Over the years, the kinds of variety of limousines have increased. A few decade ago, the only limo that was available in most markets was the stretch limousine. Today, there are over five different classes of limousines that people can rent for their weddings, their proms, and their bachelor parties. So what are some of these limos?



The oldest and most classic limousine. The stretch limousine has been the workhorse of luxury transportation for many years. It was the standard vehicle for many types of special events such as a prom or a wedding. Many people would rent these because they were the only option available. With a capacity of up to ten passengers, stretch limos are not going away anytime soon. They serve an important section of the market, and in Toronto, they remain the most common type of limo rental available today. Stretch limos are also an important party of our Toronto chauffeur service.



As demand has grown for larger vehicles, SUV limousines were born. The SUV limo has a higher capacity than that of the stretch. Its passenger capacity ranges between ten to fifteen. That is a marked improvement, and it is one that has gained popularity among those people who wish to transport more than ten people together. The SUV super stretch is very versatile and can be used in its place on many occasion.



Further need for even bigger limousines resulted in the creation of the Hummer limo. This is one tough limo. It is often used to make a statement. It is utilized by those who do not shy away from attention. As a matter of fact, the primary reason why people use this limo is to attract attention. It is one of the most popular rental limos for use in bachelor parties. The bonus is that its capacity is more than twenty passengers. That is a significant improvement over the other vehicles.

Party Bus

Party buses, or limousine buses as they are often called, are a type of bus that is modified to include the same luxury features that you would find in a limo. These buses are an excellent way to transport even larger number of passengers. Their capacity can exceed forty passengers, and for some types of buses, the capacity is even greater. That makes them perfect for those extra large occasions such as weddings or corporate and business functions. Some companies have started to use them as part of their employee retention and motivation policy. They do this by creating a yearly event such as a Christmas party and treat their employees to dinner with the primary mode of transportation being the limo bus.


Oldest forms of transportation. It is often used for airport transfers, but can also be useful in many other configurations such as dinner outings and smaller trips. The downside is the capacity which usually does not exceed five passengers. Sedans will continue to be a primary mode of transportation due to their practicality.

Overall, many types of limos exist today in cities such as Toronto and the GTA. Whatever your tastes are, you are bound to find a suitable one for you. At Bright Star limousine rental, we have an impressive fleet that contains the most popular limousines in the market today.